Business Process Outsourcing

Cost effectiveness and time zone advantage is no longer a competitive advantage for the outsourcing industry. Our value proposition centers instead on innovative technology, and mature operations. For our clients, this leads to business process improvement, greater operational efficiency, better productivity, improved response time and increased customer satisfaction. And, of course, all these lead to greater profitability.

Newt Global has worked strenuously to ensure that your interests are protected in the following areas:

Intellectual Property Rights: In addition to our organizational written commitment to your company, Newt Global binds each individual team member working on your project to a confidentiality agreement to provide a higher level of client protection.

Service Level Agreements: Newt Global is committed to providing excellent service to our clients. Our structured SLAs, defined matrices for client reporting, and established processes to achieve SLAs instill confidence in our clients from Day 1.

Continuity and Contingency Planning: All our BPO offerings contain a clear exit path for the client in the event that the client wishes to change vendors or bring the business processes back in house. Such a plan places the control firmly where it belongs: with the customer.

After all, we aim at customer delight!

We provide business process outsourcing for call centers, medical transcription, CPA GAAP compliant services, software development, and end to end services.

Contact Information: To learn more about Newt Global's BPO services, simply complete the information request form, and we will contact you. Call +1 972 887 3159 or e-mail

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