Mobility COE

Mobile Center of Excellence at Newt Global

"Convenience at your fingertips" and "productivity on the go" are the themes on which Newt Global Mobile competence development is planned and executed. With millions of mobile users, development on mobile platform has been on the rise across the world.

Newt Global has built formidable capabilities of highest quality and speed. Our capabilities cover end to end, right from providing training on mobile platforms, both Android and iOS, product development and application testing.
Mobile Platform Training

Newt Global's vast training portfolio caters to both large enterprise clients as well as retail consumer. Key trainings provide are in classroom at its Irving, TX facility, on both Android development and iOS development. These courses are conducted on 2 consecutive weekends from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. Courses cover complete platform knowledge and a large number of hands on exercises to provide real world experience to the trainees. Trainers bring in latest development techniques to the classroom and real world devices to test the application developed by our trainees. These courses have been attended by our corporate clients including Verizon, American Airlines and AT &T among others as well as individual client. Want to attend the next forthcoming class on Android or iOS, visit our training schedule page. Do not own a Mac, for iOS training, no need to worry, we will provide one.

Product/ Application Development

Newt Global has proven credentials in full cycle application and product development on Mobile platforms. Newt Global has a technology incubation center at its Irving and Chennai locations. World class hardware and highly experienced teams are involved developing applications from scratch. Newt Global launched its first product offering on Android market in Dec 2011. Please download "FmFm" from "Android Play Store". You can have the power of locating your friends and finding navigation to them just by using their cell phone number. The days of asking the address, as well as cross street are a thing of past. You do not have to remember, all the turns and twist to reach your friends place, just use FmFm and enjoy. Did you want to follow someone who is showing you the way to train station or market or airport? Launch FmFm and use the mobile number. FmFm will pull the location of your target party every 30 seconds and give you revised direction. No need to worry about lost car which was ahead of you and crossed the traffic light while you had to stop? To top it all, the application will work worldwide. Whether you are in Asia, or Americas or Europe, FmFm is there to guide you to reach your nears and dears. Newt Global is launching its next product "BillBell" in the market soon. The application will give the user complete tracking and notification of spending on cellular phone service. Need an enterprise application on mobile platform, use our services to develop it to your specifications and satisfaction.

End to End Testing

Newt Global is working on developing a generic platform on mobile platform to extend application development compatible with mobile phones as well as Tablets including ipad. The platform will be launched to provide rapid application development on mobile devices suiting particular needs of the enterprise. The platform will cater to retain industry in its inception period and late expanded to supply chain management for medium and large enterprises.

Newt Global has developed capabilities to test applications on myriad devices, covering 90%+ of available devices in the market on different OS versions. Every consumer oriented application needs to be tested end to end on devices available in the market from multiple manufacturers with multiple variations in screen size, OS, internals and customizations. Applications have to work on network of different service providers at varying speeds and technologies. Devices are introduced at regular intervals, so testing needs to be repeated every time a new device is introduced in the market. As soon as an update to application is done, which is a regular feature, application needs to be retested. Manual testing as well as testing on multiple devices/technologies could be time consuming, effort consuming and costly. Any lack of testing can create discontent in end users and extensive testing can lead to a long time to market. Newt Global has a solution to the problem. Newt Global can provide end to end testing covering a large number of devices, automated testing and take pain and delay out of the process. Very few organizations carry out load testing on its applications. For an enterprise application, the load testing could be critical as the adoption picks up. Newt Global can provide the solution to this problem by providing load testing on your application. All the testing exercise is internet based and can be observed by the user in their own office. Have an existing application or coming up with an application, please ask for own Mobile testing services.

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