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  • Have you ever tried to follow someone in your car but quickly lost sight of them and lost your way?
  • Have you ever tried to find someone who can't give you an address?
  • Has anyone ever given you an address that you've been unable to write down or written down incorrectly, and can't immediately confirm?
  • Have you ever tried to locate someone in a mall or large retail store and wasted time searching the isles?
  • I'm sure you've experienced similar situations ……
  • If so, you've come to the right place! The answer is fmfm! The free, easy and fun application from Newt Global!
  • Download it now from Google Play for Android (an iOS version will be available soon)
  • Register the application and suggest that your friends and contacts download and register it, too!
  • Then you'll be able to find and follow your friends just by entering their cell phone number!
  • To use fmfm, the application will send a message to your friend's device to ask their permission for you to find them (We protect the privacy of users).
  • Once your friend accepts, fmfm will show you their location and a route map to get to them.
  • Now both of you can keep moving and fmfm will continuously update to show your friend's location and updated directions to them.
  • You can keep following your friend as long as fmfm is running on both mobile devices.
  • Have fun…………tell your friends………. fmfm is free! and please remember to give us feedback to help us improve it!

With love from the Newt Global Team of Information Scientists

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