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Mobility Solutions

Mobile Center of Excellence at Newt Global

"Convenience at your fingertips" and "productivity on the go" are the themes on which Newt Global Mobile competence development is planned and executed. With millions of mobile users, development on mobile platforms has been on the rise across the world.

Newt Global has built formidable capabilities of the highest quality and speed. Our capabilities cover all aspects from start to finish, as well as providing training on mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS product development and application testing.

Mobile Platform Training

Newt Global's training portfolio caters to both large enterprise clients as well as retail consumers. In-classroom Android and iOS development training courses are provided at our Irving, TX facility. These courses are conducted on 2 consecutive weekends from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. Courses cover complete platform knowledge and a large number of hands-on exercises to provide real world experience to the trainees. Trainers bring the latest development techniques to the classroom and physical devices to test the application. Our corporate clients including Verizon, American Airlines and AT&T as well as individual clients who have attended these courses. If you would like to attend our next training class please visit our training schedule page. A Mac is required for iOS training, if you do not have one, we can provide one for you.

Product/Application Development

Newt Global has proven credentials in full lifecycle application and product development on Mobile platforms. We also have a technology incubation center at our Irving and Chennai locations. Enterprise-class hardware and highly experienced teams are involved developing applications from scratch. Newt Global launched its first product offering onto the Android market in December 2011. You can download our first app, “fmfm” for Android from Google's “Play Store”. With this app you'll have the ability to locate your friends and find directions to them just by entering their cell phone number.

End to End Testing

Newt Global is working on creating a generic rapid application development platform for mobile devices that enables common application development and end-to-end testing for mobile phones, tablets and iPad/iOS. The platform will initially target the retail industry with plans to eventually target supply chain management for medium to large enterprises.

Newt Global has also developed automated end-to-end testing and load testing capabilities to test applications on a myriad of devices, covering up to 90% of the mobile devices on the market.